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Carol has an easy style and accurate intuition

I have always admired Carol’s ability to approach a  challenge with focused calmess and creativity.  Her  intense personal comittment to honor the planet and its inhabitants spills over into her work, allowing a perfect blend of integrity and honesty in both personal and professional situations. I treasure Carol’s wisdom, love, and support. She is a delight!

Dr. Debbie Kucharski, chiropractor

Balance Physical and Emotional Health

I’m a practical person. What you see is what you get. Every now and then, even those of us who are practical, have a problem that medical science can not address. I was in so much pain. My  right arm from deep in the shoulder down to the ends of my fingers was numb. I tried everything.The doctor said it was a pinched nerve. The chiropractor said it was muscle tightness and misalignment of the spine. My intuitive self told me that there was something more.

A friend told me about Carol and I figured I had nothing to lose. Carol spent an hour with me on the phone getting to the heart of the matter. With kindness and caring, she identified “baggage, burdens, and responsibilities” I had  been carrying from lifetimes. She made energetic adjustments and corrections and gave me insights that released me from my age-old  patterns. Although I suffered with this pain for several years, Carol  completely released it in an hour’s  time.  This worked. I just don’t have those burdens anymore, and I don’t have that pain anymore. I’m  feeling strong. Thanks Carol!

L. Fretarry

Recover from Personal Setbacks

In 2009, my husband and I were  really going through a very  rough time in our lives. We needed the cycle to stop and feel like we could live and  breathe again without constant fear about our financial security. When speaking with Carol on the phone, she quickly identified the real underlying cause of our problem.  Almost immediately, the  feelings of fear and depression lifted and were  gone! Everything  around us including our financial situation began to improve.  Carol helped us achieve a  quality of life  we wanted, needed, and deserved. We believe in Carol and her abilities and recommend her highly.

Val and John, California

Reduce Job Stress and Manifest Career Gains

I love my job, but  it  is stressful and  demanding, and I have to be on my  toes every minute. One particular day, I  felt “disconnected”. My thinking was foggy, my attitude was off, and I felt physically “wrong”. I  just couldn’t  get it together, and I had several major presentations to give  that  day. I called Carol and told her what was wrong. She did  several  quick, thorough and unbelievably effective energetic adjustments and voila! I  was back. It was  that quick, that effective, and that  wonderful, and she made the corrections remotely. Carol is golden and my secret weapon in keeping ahead of the game.

R. Van de  Leer

Learn to Self Heal

Carol has always  had a big positive impact in my life. Carol has a way to peel away the layers of what’s really going on when I have physical or emotional pain and she always clears it. She teaches me to use my own inner potential and see unconscious beliefs that can hold me back. Her tools can improve any life issue.

Thank you  Carol

Kathy Norris

 Recover from Physical and Emotional events

 Carol was instrumental in helping me  work through  grief and anxiety during a very difficult time in my life. She believes in empowering  people and has given me tools to work through anxiey and panic attacks on my own. Carol identifies the source of what causes different types of issues in our lives and energetically corrects  them.

Last  year when  my husband was traveling out of the country on business, he  developed a severe headache and seasickness. Carol  was able to resolve both of his ailments over the phone. She has even been a able to help our cats with their own physical and emotional issues.

We are so grateful for the positive impact Carol’s healing techniques have had on our lives and are  truly blessed to know such a skilled, knowledgeable, warm, and compassionate individual.

Santa Barbara, California

Connect with your Life Purpose

My life is blessed. Crossing paths with Carol was no mistake. It was time. The universe brought  me to her and her  to me. All I had to  do was show up present and open to receiving Carol’s gift of healing. I had been searching for  someone to help  me  bring out and understand the healing gift I  already knew  I  had  inside me. During my first  workshop  with  Carol, incredible self-understanding began to manifest. I was able  to finally start  identifying and employing my healing abilities that were  bubbling up to the surface, but I had not yet started to harness.

Carol helped  me put my energetic abilities into a context that created  focus and understanding. Kind, loving, insightful, empathetic, intuitive, and warm are just a  few words that can only attempt to describe  Carol. Carol operates on another  level.. a level that you want  and  need  to know  about. Helping  you tap into your spiritual and  energetic  potential is just the tip of the  iceberg. Carol  helps you navigate through your spiritual  journey and supports the growth  of your navigational skills. Carol exudes unconditional love to all who show up and unconditionally receive it.

Scott E. Smith
Thousand  Oaks, California

See with a Fresh Perspective

Carol  had studied various  “healing arts” when I first  had the  pleasure of meeting her. She  came to me to learn the Yuen Method of Chinese  Energetics, and because of her  uncanny ability to find the  truth of an issue, and focused persistance, she  eventually  studied with the Grand Master, Dr.  Kam Yuen,  and became a Certified Yuen Method Practictioner. It is truly rare to find someone who not only excels in her abilities to heal, but can also impart that knowledge to others.

Carol continues to come up with many creative ways to demonstrate how to heal one’s self. She provides such a  safe, non-judgemental space that even the most skeptical folks have asked her “how did you do that?” Carol is  the first  person that I go to when  I need help because I know  that  she will  “spot on” find the  issue and together, we  clear  it up once and for all. Thank you Carol for all you do for people,  animals, and the whole  planet.

Bethany Milton,  energy  practioner


Live and Love in the Present

Carol came to me when I was in a very dark place in my life. Depression and a  horrible break up  with my boyfriend was causing severe heartache and pain. I had  reached my breaking point. We  met for our first session and  immediately afterwards, I  stopped crying and had so much clarity. I was amazed at the speed of Carol’s work. She  was able to accomplish in mere hours what had  taken 4  years of therapy! My life is forever changed and people around me notice the brightness in my eyes now too. I  feel the sky’s the  limit! Carol is a lifesaver.  Highly recommended!


Owner New Birds, Ventura, California


Calm Racing Thoughts

 My husband and I were on vacation and I was driving through scenic but unfamiliar area.  Following directions to a popular restaurant, I found myself on a narrow, winding mountain road – and froze!  Hands white-knuckled on the steering wheel, in danger of hyper-ventilating, no place to turn around and go back to the main road, I asked my husband to call Carol IMMEDIATELY! He placed the call and explained the situation to Carol.  Knowing me well, she understood my fear of this type of road and was able to tap into the underlying causes and clear my subconscious “roadblocks”.  I was able to relax and complete the journey and while it is still not my favorite type of activity I am able to make this kind of trip with ease. This is only one story – Carol has helped  me “connect my dots” to release negative issues and enhance the positive aspects of my life.

Roni R., California


Carol, I wanted to thank you so much for such a wonderful session. That was very cool! The Trinfinity8 really rocks. The images are very much present as I write this. Thank you  for giving me so much.







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