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Can you help me to understand what Connecting Your Dots (CYD) means?

Connecting Your Dots is a process that quickly resolves a perceived problem by tracing it to its root. For the practioner, it is an intuitive attunement into the client’s stated condition. Imagine that each person, place or thing emits and absorbs energy. At any given time, the energy is either strong, balanced and supportive or it is weak, out of balance, and unsupportive. Have you ever walked in to a room and felt your energy suddenly dip for no apparent reason? Can you recall how your energy suddenly shifted after reacting to hearing about a tragedy? Compare that feeling with a time you were loved and supported by a good friend or saw a newborn baby or got a promotion.

As you can see, your energy meter is constantly in motion. At times, it may adversely affect your mood, your relationships, even your physical or financial health. Connecting Your Dots is like lighting a path through the layers of your subconscious emotions and beliefs. The journey is unique and its purpose is to strengthen your energetic connections to the issue at hand. Once the weakness is identified, the problem begins to resolve immediately. Results are transformational.

Connecting Your Dots is based on my own life experiences and education, and the interaction of esoteric principles of Chinese martial arts, western physiology, linguistics, human interaction and potential, universal laws, quantum science.

What does “non-touch” or “distant healing” mean

Distant healing is a general term given when a 2 or more people who are in different locations can give or receive a physical or emotional change using focused intention. You may compare distant healing to using the internet rather than talking in person.

From the moment you come in to this lifetime, you begin to experience relationships and connections in the world. When you are in harmony with these relationships and connections, you are naturally in a state of ease and flow. Imagine that at any given moment, there are billions of electrical impulses running through your physical body, your thoughts and emotions and in your spiritual domain. Whenever you generate a thought, react to someone, feel an emotion, adopt a belief about something, or even when you fall asleep, your neurons transmit messages in the form of electrical impulses from one cell to another. Where do these messages come from? Not only do you process information in your own consciousness through your 5 senses, but you also interact with impulses from other people, your immediate environment and beyond.

As you are already imagining, the potential number of influences in your daily life are infinite and the electrical impulses generated by any given source will have an effect on you.

Much like a light source in your living room that needs a strong electrical signal to support a well-lit room, so do your goals and desires need to be supported by a strong energetic connection. Think of a time when you were feeling tired, fearful, upset or frustrated; that experience is a signal from a weak spark that may be connected to a deeper core issue. Similar to locating an off switch on your home circuit breaker and flipping it back on to restore current, the process of Connecting Your Dots leads to the weakened energy source of your discomfort and corrects it to restore your power. The process can be as effective in person as it is using distant healing. With power back on, current is restored and energy flows more evenly. What does that mean for you? Relief, vitality, clarity, calm and lightness in your being. Your mind can think clearly and creatively; your body is free to respond with its own natural healing abilities.

Simply, what is the CYD process?

As you discuss the problem you are experiencing, I listen to your statements with 2 separate, distinct senses:

Auditory mode: my ears hear what you are saying and we can talk about your concerns

Sensory mode (my intuitive system) enables me to “feel into the words” for any energetic fluctuation which signals a path to the underlying cause of the problem.

The source of a problem may be lodged in your physical dimension (which includes your body and the physical space around you such as your home or workplace) or it may be present in your mind (a non-physical realm of thoughts, memories, emotions, psychic experiences), or in the area of your spirit (more expansive in the time-space continuum and includes ancestral influences). Any one part of you may affect other parts of you.

When the underlying cause of any issue is determined, the energetic charge of that issue is dissolved and the result of that action is your restored sense of well being such as inner peace, mental clarity, emotional stability and physical strength. Consider that these states-of-being are the heart of whatever your personal, social, business or spiritual goals may be and understand that they are attainable.

What are some issues that can be addressed through CYD?

Any issue that is disrupting the even flow of your life can be addressed with CYD:

  • Eliminating cumulative effects of stress
  • Nagging headaches
  • Backache
  • Reducing the time it takes to recuperate from trauma or surgery
  • Restoring healthy sleep patterns
  • Improving performance at school or at work
  • Improving your family or business relationships
  • Expanding your path to personal growth and opportunities
  • Connecting with your psychic development.

Whatever your issue may be, its underlying cause may be affected by any number of seemingly unrelated issues. It is common for your body to resolve a backache when underlying negative emotions or thoughts of self-reproach and judgments are addressed and dissolved.

Can you give me some examples of how this works?

My own story is a perfect example of someone who was open to something not yet understood.

For more than 2 years, I suffered physical pain from an auto accident. The only solution offered to me for relief was surgical bone fusion. My “hunch” told me to refuse surgery and remain open to some other, as yet unknown, option. Although my decision appeared irrational and worried my husband, Les supported me. Soon afterward, a co-worker asked me what I thought about “energy healing”. I thought it might be possible, but didn’t know if it could work for me. That same day, my co-worker recommended a local woman who had a reputation for healing with energy. With nothing to lose, I made my first appointment. After just a few sessions ,I experienced a huge relief from the pain in my jaw and neck and stopped wearing my custom mouth appliance. Imagine my new outlook on life and my personal validation about following my instincts! Her non-invasive approach effected a change that I could only hope for and that my doctors, chiropractor, acupuncturist and dental specialist could not accomplish.

Several years ago while I was teaching a group of students how to draw animals, I noticed a 6th grade boy in my art class struggle with holding his pencil. Although I demonstrated for him how to place his fingers on the pencil, he apologetically informed me that it was useless because he held his pencil that way “his whole life”. That phrase signaled an energetic weakness in me so I silently corrected the core issue on his spiritual level and asked him to try again. To his delight, he said, “for some reason I seem to be able to do it now.”

Can anyone benefit from CYD?

Yes. Whether a person is open or reluctant to use these subtle energy techniques, benefits can be experienced. Results are not dependent on belief in energy healing. CYD does not conflict with other healing modalities and can support standard care. Pets and babies respond as well.

Is CYD right for me?

A. I understand that your issue is unique because no two people are exactly alike. Connecting Your Dots is for people who are looking for a way to resolving their pain or problem quickly and permanently. If you are ready to connect with a shift in your life for the better, I hope you will consider meeting me to help you with your goals.

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