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Connecting Your Dots is a metaphor for discovering relevance and meaning from seemingly unrelated clues. People typically form conclusions about what they’re experiencing in their life based on current emotions and selected memories. What they may not realize is the existence of a vast field of information beyond what they’re seeing.  Can you recall the flat pencil drawings made by connecting sequenced numbers with lines to finally reveal a picture?

Now imagine how rich and complex that drawing gets as it extends to every precious moment of your life. Instead of a flat pencil drawing, you are projecting multifaceted pictures of your life experiences and your soul’s journey. Imagine the wealth of knowledge and wisdom you already possess that can help expand your understanding, guide the choices you make and support your life purpose!

You are a field of pure energy and more powerful than you think. Quantum physics is revealing what ancient wisdom has always taught. Everything in existence is Consciousness, energy and frequency. Your body is the master conductor and receiver of energy. Like water ripples, we are moving and interacting with other people, places, and things. It’s no wonder that prayer, universal laws of attraction, intuition  and unexplained abilities beyond our understanding can affect us in subtle yet transformational ways. Notice when you experience a sense of ease and being in the flow happens naturally. You tend to attract more of what you want. On the other hand, when energy is blocked or chaotic, you may feel a level of frustration as things tend to get in the way of what you’re trying to accomplish. Working out problems can be an additional challenge if you’re relying on false beliefs or limited versions of the bigger picture.

Connecting Your Dots works at the level of energy. Unlike other modalities that may require physical body work, incantations or meditation, Connecting Your Dots is a direct telepathic experience that establishes a mind-body connection and addresses your specific issue at its source.

When issues are addressed at their energetic level changes occur effortlessly and instantly. Energy is not dependent on location and works whether we’re in close proximity or over distance. It is safe at any age and can benefit animals as well.

As the body, mind, and spirit move toward harmonious interactions, people typically report feeling a sense of inner calm and over-all well being, patience, compassion, confidence and more clarity and direction. Physical pain is diminished or eliminated.


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