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Meet Carol

There are so many things in my life that I’m grateful for. Lifelong friendships, a loving husband who gets me, kids I adore, an amazing career in art and education, opportunities to travel the world, extraordinary animal companions, and coming into my gifts as an intuitive and energy healer. Throughout my life, I’ve questioned everything and refused to believe that pain and limitations are inevitable. My stubborn optimism led me on a path to unravel the “mysteries” of energy healing. I now see that each improvement,   we make in our life ,no matter how huge or small, takes us a quantum step closer to being who we truly are – wise spiritual beings linked with all of creation. I believe that we can reach a tipping point for unlocking our higher levels of human potential and that peace, and prosperity is possible and achievable in our life time.

In 2008, I was certified in the Yuen Method.  I was still teaching school when my intuitive abilities began taking a life of their own. As I began helping more people to resolve all kinds of issues they struggled with, I knew I was about to create a new career dedicated to bringing healing to the world. The truth is, we all have this ability!

Carol certified in the Yuen Method

As I relied more on my intuition, I could sense the source of a problem and as I did that, the problem would begin to resolve very quickly. When I realized the results were not chance events. that my healing sessions were making profound changes in people’s lives, a light went on in my head.


That defining moment sparked the idea for Connecting Your Dots.







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